Animation-Project Pipeline

During my work at the korean Animation Studio Funnyflux, i got the chance to write a production pipeline for maya from scratch. The pipeline development was started

two month ahead of Funnyflux's "Mother Pheasant" Shortfilm project, in march 2010.

With production gaining momentum in the summer the pipeline scripts strucktured

all company work from modeling to rendering.

Right now in january 2011, i have ported the pipeline scripts to the new QT interface,

removing bugs, changing workflows and including features of the new maya version.

Because we are starting the next project right away. It's really busy, but i hope to make progress with a documentation soon.

Maya Pipeline UI

Finally the first screenshots of the pipeline QT menu. Hope you like it. The UI concept of the pipeline is to have a project item navigation on the left and a function menu on the right.


Project Explorer

A stand alone python script uses QT to display information about theitems in a project. Currently there are tables for props, characters and shots, a picture viewer and a videoplayer for playblasts. With the press of a button, it is possible to export the tables so Microsoft Excel.

API Documentation

Doxygen is used to document the API of all scripts and also for a "to do"-list a bug-list, installation guide and introduction.

Project Data-Server

A server application sends data about characters, props, scenes, shots and more through through the networks to the workstations.

Permission generously granted by

Funnyflux Entertainment