Seoul Animation Center Today

In the middle of South Korea's capital Seoul there is a green mountain named Namsan. At its foot you can find a big blue building. The Seoul Animation Center.


Every day, kids can experience the world of hand-drawn and computer generated animation. They can learn about the different animation techniques and the history of moving images. In a moviestudio with little miniature stages, they can create their own stop-motion movies with self made clay characters and webcams. There is a animation cinema too, where the latest animation movies are shown for a small price.


In a  side building a library with artbooks and comics can be used by little and grown up bookworms. Upstairs  a large video room is dedicated to the Animation Legends of Korea.

Equipped with dozens of seat cushions and TV sets, you can watch every animation you can think of on VHS (This is like a timetravel experience!) or DVD.


In another blue building start-up animation companies can find a home. One of these companies named Funnyflux gave me the chance to work one year in this world of animation.

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